Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp finally to reopen on 25 September 2022 

Just under a year. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp (RMFAA) or Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten van Antwerpen (KMSKA) will reopen on 25September 2022. Eleven (!) years after it closed for renovations. In 2011. 

“Yes! We have big news. The KMSKA will finally open its doors on the 25th of September 2022”, the KMSKA announces online. 

“Like you, we’ve been eagerly awaiting this. A tingling sensation bubbles up in and around the KMSKA. A nice tension and also a healthy dose of stress.” 

“We are counting down for a year. And we’ll take you from the front row. We regularly lift a tip of the veil and tell you what you can expect from us.”

The news was announced on the 25th of September 2021, so one year in advance. With a big ceremony, Minister-president Jan Jambon (N-VA) told the audience the news. The museum is a prestige project for Flanders

Museum board chairman Luk Lemmens (N-VA) is adamant further delays won’t happen. Lemmens is also a deputy in the provincial college of Antwerp

In those eleven years, not only has the building been totally renovated and changed, but 185 artworks haven been restored. 

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