ANTWERP PRIDE 2022 | Opening concert night at OLT Rivierenhof

It’s that time of the year again: Antwerp Pride and Antwerp Queer Arts Festival. Pride focuses on the second weekend of August: from Wednesday 10 to Sunday 14. AQAF runs from 5 to 28 August. In 2022, Antwerp Pride turns 15 and looks 15 years into the future under the banner of ‘Queertopia‘. AQAF hasn’t communicated a specific theme.

On August 10, Antwerp Pride will once again take over OLT Rivierenhof for a dazzling Antwerp Pride Opening Night. Antwerp Pride kicks off with a lot of diverse artists – festive and in the open air.

“Antwerp Pride works from a positive, solution-oriented and connecting attitude, with a lot of empathy for minorities and groups that are at risk of being marginalized. So expect a stage on the Opening Night where many different voices reinforce each other and make society sensitive to certain themes. Oh, and a blast of a party. You can of course expect that.”


Queer slam poet and artist Hind Eljadid and sports news heartthrob Aster Nzeyimana will host the event. 

OLT Rivierenhof

OLT Rivierenhof is an open air theater – OLT stands for ‘Openluchttheater‘ – in the Rivierenhof park in Deurne.

OLT Rivierenhof has a special place within the summer concert and festival landscape thanks to its unique location in the green, the website says. “From mid-June to mid-September you can enjoy more than 40 concerts – from rock, reggae & blues to pop, hip hop and urban in the enchanting open-air theater of the provincial domain Rivierenhof.”

“The magical place in the middle of nature appeals to the imagination of every concert visitor, and the authentic amphitheater makes the concert experience complete and unforgettable. In addition to performances by renowned national and international artists, you can enjoy a fresh drink, a tasty cocktail and delicious food in our large cozy bar. Something for everyone!”

Antwerp Pride 2022 & Antwerp Queer Arts Festival 2022

Queer Antwerp

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