Antwerp Pride parade route

In a month, on Saturday 11 August, Antwerp Pride 2018 culminates in the pride parade starting at 2PM. This is its route.

The parade starts at Waterpoort on the Vlaamsekaai in the Zuid neighbourhood. Don’t worry. Antwerp is small enough for you to do everything on foot. After the Verschanschingstraat and the Leopold De Waelplaats, famous for the Royal Museum of Fine Arts (KMSKA), the parade turns into the Karel Rogierstraat, the Marnixplaats and left to the Scheldestraat.


Afterwards the parade turns right onto the Scheldt quays near Sint-Michielskaai. The route continues on the Plantinkaai with Crazy J, the Twilight pop-up bar and the St. Anne’s Pedestrian Tunnel.

At Het Steen (The Stone Castle), you will find the Rainbow Village. It’s also the location of the multimusic Love United Festival. Just follow the crowd, really…

The route is 2.9 kilimeters or 1.8 miles.


Antwerp Pride is much more than the parade. We summed the highlights of activities, sports and parties here. Look for the Antwerp Pride app in the App Store


This year’s theme is ‘Identity‘. What does it mean to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, etcetera?


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