ANTWERP | LGBTQIA+ bookshop Kartonnen Dozen looking for new manager or takeover

Antwerp LGBTQIA+ bookshop Kartonnen Dozen is looking a new business manager or someone to take over the project. Current manager Johanna M Pas‘ health has been fragile for a while and it’s time to pass on the baton.

Only yesterday we wrote about Paris LGBTQIA+ bookshop Les Mots à la Bouche and the difficulties LGBTQIA+ bookshops endure. 


Kartonnen Dozen is an independent (neighborhood) bookstore, located in the Antwerp neighbourhood of Zurenborg. It has existed for 26 years, making it the oldest LGBTQIA+ bookshop in the Benelux. Kartonnen Dozen is the only LGBTQIA+ bookshop left in Belgium and in the Netherlands.

The bookshop has a carefully selected general offer and is specialized in LGBTQIA+ literature. Kartonnen Dozen is also a publishing house which has the purpose to expand the range of Dutch-language books with an LGBTQIA+ theme. 

The bookshop has a large and loyal customer base within the LGBTQIA+ community and the Zurenborg neighbourhood.


Due to health reasons, the current manager, Johanna Pas, wants to retire after 22 years of managing Kartonnen Dozen.

Ulka Delbroek has recently started working in the store and as prospective buyer. 

“We are looking for a partner for Ulka to join and continue this project. Ulka has (wide) experience in the book trade and a strong  affinity with the LGBTQIA+ community.” 

“It is our goal to work with two equal partners to organise the day-to-day operation of the store. Count on an average of two to three days of work per week. The exact division of roles, the financial commitment, etc…. are negotiable.”

If Johanna’s health allows it, she will be involved in the background. In the autumn, the bookshop will have to look for new premises.

Financial information about the company on request.

Interested? Contact Kartonnen Dozen as soon as possible: or 03 226 08 04.

Kartonnen Dozen.

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