ANTWERP | Major revamp of the Meirbrug – Suikerrui – Scheldt Quays axis to complete the Via Sinjoor

The municipal council of the City of Antwerp decided on Friday 15 July to take further steps in the realization of the Via Sinjoor. After the transformation of the Operaplein, the Meirbrug and the Scheldt Quays near the Suikerrui are now also being tackled. As a result, pedestrians – should – get one long pedestrian axis from Antwerp-Central Railway Station to Het Steen and the Scheldt Quays.

Boerentoren, a landmark on the Via Sinjoor.


The Meirbrug and the surrounding streets will look completely different in a few years. The part that connects the Meir with the Groenplaats via the Boerentoren will be car-free. 

The aim is to turn the 16th-century center of the city into a residential area. This means that only local traffic is still welcome, just think of residents and people heading for public car parks. Motorized traffic will move in one direction from Huidevettersstraat to Kammenstraat. The through traffic will move via the tunnels under the Operaplein or via the quays.


This reconstruction concerns both supralocal and local streets and is partly financed by the city and partly by the District of Antwerp. The preliminary draft is still on the agenda of the district council in mid-August.

Deepened Kaaiweg

The Via Sinjoor will continue from the Grote Markt along the Suikerrui to Het Steen, with a free passage over the Scheldt Quays. Car traffic and fast bicycle traffic along the Scheldt Quays goes underground, along a sunken Kaaiweg. The entrance to the Grote Markt car park, which causes a lot of traffic nuisance, also goes underground. A bicycle parking with 500 places will be built into the short tunnel.

“Both interventions separate pedestrian flows, cyclists and car traffic, making the city center safer and more attractive for everyone”, the press release says.

You can be assured the opposition parties will disagree. 

On the look of Antwerp

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