VIDEO | Bicycle ramp for Parkbrug at Park Spoor Noord / ‘t Eilandje in Antwerp opened 

The bicycle ramp at the Parkbrug or Park Bridge in Antwerp is finally open. Cyclist don’t have to use unpractical stairs anymore


The bicycle ramp at the Eilandje neighbourhood is located in the inner area between Italiëlei, Londenstraat and Entrepotkaai. It offers an alternative to the elevator and the stairs with the VeloComfort system, both of which will be preserved.

Since July 2016, the Park Bridge has been a traffic-safe connection for pedestrians and cyclists between Park Spoor Noord and Het Eilandje. It spans the Italiëlei at the height of the Noorderplaats.

Just like that of the Parkbrug, the design of the bicycle ramp is by Ney & Partners. The looped ramp is 140 meters long and has a white, light steel structure to limit the weight on the existing structure. The bicycle ramp is parallel to the facades of the existing buildings. Its start has been made wide enough to allow access from different directions. 

The cycle path is covered with mastic asphalt and is illuminated.

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