ANTWERP | Zuidpark to be completed by 2024

The construction works of the second part of the Zuidpark (South Park) in Antwerp on the Gedempte Zuiderdokken are in full swing. The works for the third and final part of the park will also start on 3 October. The entire seven-hectare park, a new green meeting place for the district, will be ready by spring 2024.

The last part of the park to be constructed is located between Scheldestraat and Wapenstraat, above the former Kooldok. This will include playgrounds, a dog walking zone, a play fountain on the Museumplein, and part of the former hangar on the Scheldt Quays as a pergola.

Alderman for Urban Development Annick De Ridder (N-VA): “We are starting the third and final phase of the works on the Zuidpark. This park is a textbook example of the greening that we are aiming for during this legislature. For example, 123 extra trees and 30,000 new plants will be added. Zuidpark also clearly stands for ‘blueing’. With, among other things, a collective rainwater tank of 1.5 million cubic meters, two water basins and infiltration pipes, we ensure smart use of water. The new park is able to respond to both drought and flooding. Now look forward to the completion of the entire South Park, scheduled for the spring of 2024.”

This smart use of water is reflected in the design of the park, and is being realized in collaboration with Water-Link:

  • The rainwater from the roofs around the park is led to the gigantic collective rainwater well. It is then used for, among other things, the maintenance of the city’s park, fountains, and sweepers;
  • Underneath the double rows of trees are underground collecting tanks, which collect the rainwater from the paths and thus provide the trees with sufficient water;
  • The two water basins in the central part collect the rainwater from the Vlaamsekaai and Waalsekaai. On one side they will be bordered by a spacious staircase, and the historic quay wall of the Schippersdok will be restored and renewed. On the other side comes bank planting;
  • The infiltration pipes will also be installed in the central part, which in the future will collect the excess rainwater from the streets in the district, thereby helping to limit local flooding.

Phase 2

The works for the construction of the second part of the park, above the former Schippersdok (between Gillisplaats and Museumstraat), are in full swing. In addition to a large grassy meadow in the middle, two water basins and spacious circular benches, there will also be a pedestrian promenade between the double rows of trees, and lots of greenery. The Vlaamse- and Waalsekaai in this section are also undergoing a transformation. 

These works will end in the spring of 2023.

From 3 October, the Vlaamsekaai will be accessible again in this zone. The Waalsekaai will be restricted to residents between 3 and 28 October; from 28 October it will be fully accessible again from the Luikstraat, the IJzerenpoortkaai and the Visserskaai.

Impact phase three on the neighbourhood

From 3 October, work will not only start on the last part of the park, but also on the Vlaamse- and Waalsekaai between the Scheldestraat and the Wapenstraat:

  • The utility works on the Vlaamsekaai between the Verlatstraat and the Scheldestraat will start on 3 October, parking on the Vlaamsekaai in this zone is no longer possible until the end of the works at the beginning of 2023;
  • The intersection with Scheldestraat and Vlaamsekaai will be closed for a number of days;
  • The Verlatstraat and the Vorstermanstraat will also be closed for a number of weeks towards the Vlaamsekaai;
  • The reconstruction of the Waalsekaai between the Scheldestraat and the Wapenstraat will start from 3 October until the summer of 2023. No motorized traffic is possible;
  • All catering terraces between the Scheldestraat and the Wapenstraat on the Vlaamse- and Waalsekaai will be closed from October 3, ’22 until the summer of 2023.

In the summer of 2023, both the Vlaamse- and Waalsekaai will be completely finished. The entire Zuidpark will be ready by the spring of 2024.

Information about accessibility can always be found at

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