18 SEPTEMBER 2022 | Antwerpen Shift, the new Car-Free Sunday in Antwerp 

Car-Free Sunday in Antwerp is now Antwerpen Shift. On Sunday 18 September, the historic city centre of the metropolis will be car-free.  It follows Antwerp Culture Weekend of 27-28 August and Open Monuments Day of 11 September.

“On Sunday 18 September, cars in Antwerp will make way for cyclists, pedestrians and other smart means of transport. Antwerp makes the shift, for the 20th time! In a car-free city center you will discover a range of new ways to get around in a cozy atmosphere. Especially for this festive edition, part of the Boulevards (Leien) will be made car-free from Operaplein to Stoopstraat. Moreover, you can discover the mobility of the future through a test drive in a self-driving van”, AntwerpenShift.be says. 


Where and when?

The car-free zone will be closed to cars from 10 AM to 6 PM. Please note, this year part of the Leien will also be made car-free from Operaplein to Stoopstraat

During Antwerpen Shift, the city center is only accessible for public transport, emergency services and taxis. Residents can drive out of the car-free area, at walking pace and via the major roads. They are only allowed to enter the car-free area with an entrance ticket.

You can request an admission ticket for residents online up to the day itself. Take into account a few hours of processing time.

Car-free Antwerp on 11 September 2022. Image by City of Antwerp.


Antwerpen Shift acknowledges different interest groups. Per group, you can find what interest them (you?).

  • Young families.
  • Students.
  • ‘Enjoyers’.
  • Active people.

Other activities

There are other activities in town.

  • Sinjor Circo perfoms circus acts, on the Scheldt Quays. More on http://www.sinjorcirco.be.
  • DAKkan offers performances on roofs. DAKkan is actually a three-day cultural festival. Many rooftops participate. Look on www.dakkan.be to know where and when. 
  • The Longest Vegetarian Lunch Table. “Come to the Grote Markt between 12 and 5 pm and slide your feet under the longest veggie table. You can buy plant-based treats at various food trucks or bring your own picnic. There are also various information stands, demos and tastings.” More info on www.evavzw.be and Facebook.
  • Zuiderburen food market at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. More on www.zuiderburen.be
  • Bruist. “Experience the theater festival for children and their families at the Stormkop site in Antwerp North. The dry docks are again filled with workshops, theater performances, animation, music performances, fun games and delicious snacks.” More info at www.froefroe.be.


On Sundays there are also these markets you can go to.


Bike trail

There is also a cycling route of 40 km. More on the route here.

10,000 steps

There’s a 10,000 step waling trail as well. In just under 8 km, discover Antwerp’s historic centre.

More information here

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