National September 11 Memorial & Museum (World Trade Center) in Manhattan, New York


My stopover in New York was the fourth time I visited the Big Apple. The first time was in the 1980s, the second time in the mid-1990 (I think 1996) and the third time in 2010. Now I wanted to visit the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, also known as the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

Outside there are the two pools with the names of the victims. The setup is solemn and respectful.

The Museum

Next to the Memorial, there is the Museum. It covers, also literally, the attacks on the World Trade Center.


You can either take a guided tour, rent an audioguide or download the app on your phone. There’s free, very accessible WiFi. I recommend you to do that. Download the app and the mediafile and you can listen to Robert DeNiro‘s voice or better, you can read the transcript. Much more efficient.


Delete the app afterwards because the mediafile takes a whopping 384,2 MB of space.

The exhibition

Inside the museum there’s an exhibition where you’re not allowed to take photos. And the attendants notice. The exhibition recounts that fateful September 11, 2001. Images, artifacts, voice recordings and a very interesting timeline of what happened in the air and on the ground.

There’s also attention for the 1993 attacks on the WTC and the story of Al-Qaeda.


Worth a visit?

Yes, absolutely. For many of us, 9/11 is still fresh in our memory. But what happened really? The museum tells you that story.


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