City of Antwerp promises more green areas in 2023

This year, the City of Antwerp is planting new forest on six plots, together accounting for 6.4 hectares of extra nature. The forest plots are located in Wilrijk, Ekeren, Berendrecht and Linkeroever (Left Bank). With the planting of these new forests, the city continues to focus on greening the public space and improving the living environment, it says in a press release.

The City of Antwerp government is planting new forest on six plots, spread over different districts. The city already realized the planting of the second part of the Monnikenbos in Berendrecht at the beginning of this year. The afforestation of the Bloemenveld plot in Wilrijk is now starting. Later this year, the plots will follow adjacent to the old Hof van Delft castle on the Laar in Ekeren, a green buffer zone on the Burchtse Weel on the Left Bank and a forest plot on the Molenakker and on the site of the former recycling park in Berendrecht.

Together, the woodlots account for 6.4 hectares of new forest with more than 15,000 additional native trees and shrubs. When drawing up the afforestation plan and choosing the tree species, experts take into account the location, the type of terrain and the subsoil. For this, the city receives advice and support from the Bosgroepen (Forest Groups).

City Alderman for Greenery Els van Doesburg (N-VA) helped plant the new forest on the Bloemenveld in Wilrijk: “More than 5,000 indigenous trees and 750 shrubs and small trees will be planted on this 3.5-hectare plot. These afforestation projects provide more greenery in the city and that has a positive impact on air quality, because it removes co2 and particulate matter from the air. More greenery in the neighborhood also enhances the well-being and health of local residents and thus ensures a pleasant and liveable city. Antwerp is putting itself on the map as one of the leading cities in Europe in terms of green, forest and tree policy.”

Only benefits

In addition to the positive impact on air quality, greening projects have many other benefits. For example, the trees form a natural air conditioner and provide cooling in the summer. In case of heavy rain, the forest buffers the rainwater and the trees also dampen the ambient noise. Finally, these plantations form an ideal nesting and hiding place for many birds and insects, which promotes biodiversity in the city. 

On the look of Antwerp

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