COVID-19 | Autumn booster vaccination starts on 12 September at Antwerp Expo

On Monday 12 September, the Antwerp vaccination campaign will start with the autumn booster in Antwerp Expo (VacCovid). The first invitations have been sent on 22 August. Every resident of Antwerp, Borsbeek, Wommelgem, Stabroek and Schoten from the age of 18 is given the opportunity to be vaccinated. The vaccination campaign will last eight weeks.

Yes, besides the war in Ukraine, monkeypox, the rising costs of living (gas, electricity) and staff shortages creating more stress at work and t home, there is sill that thing called the COVID-19 pandemic

Autumn booster

The vaccination campaign is a collaboration between the four Antwerp primary care zones (ELZ Antwerp), Hospital Network Antwerp (ZNA), the City of Antwerp and the municipalities of Borsbeek, Wommelgem, Stabroek and Schoten.


Everyone who has already received a basic vaccination (2 doses) is invited.

From Monday, August 22, residents over 65 years of age, residents with weakened immunity and at risk of serious illness after COVID-19 and caregivers will receive an invitation, from old to young. The vaccine is recommended for them.

This is followed by residents between the ages of 18 and 65, also from old to young. The autumn booster is offered to them.

Residents who receive an invitation can make an appointment online via with the code in the invitation, or by telephone by calling the local corona info line on 03 435 95 55. 

No appointment can be made without an invitation.

Vaccinations from Monday 12 September

From Monday 12 September, residents can again visit the Vaccination Village Antwerp Expo (VacCovid), Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191, 2020 Antwerp

The on-site setup is adapted to demand, which is why this vaccination campaign is smaller than in the autumn, when everyone aged 18 and over received an invitation for a booster vaccine.

Alderman for Health and Senior Care Els van Doesburg (N-VA): “We have organized ourselves very flexibly for this vaccination round, so that we can adapt our speed and capacity to demand. There is room for everyone. Those who wish can come and get a vaccine. I count on the own assessment and common sense of the Antwerp residents to decide whether they will come and get the autumn booster.”

On coronavirus countermeasures

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