Balancing travel enthusiasm and the reality of the coronavirus crisis

Only early last week Danny and I posted ‘Why we keep posting during the coronavirus crisis‘ but it feels like a century passed already.

In this time of COVID-19 time flashes by and at the same time goes slower than in Madonna‘s song.

We decided to post even less travel reviews. We used to post three per week: on Tuesday, on Thursday and on Sunday. Only last week we decided to post two: on Wednesday and on Sunday. Starting next week, we’ll post only one: on Sunday.


Mostly because we don’t know when this situation will end. When will be able to freely travel for leisure again? And where? The pandemic is making victims at different times and rates so it’s impossible to make a firm prediction.

Public health first obviously and for a tourist’s point of view leisure travel is only a luxury.


But it’s hard to decide on the tone. I blog a lot these days. (Almost) daily on Trip By Trip and on Be Out.

Be Out is a Belgian LGBT news blog and that’s not difficult. The virus crisis provides for enough stories.

Trip By Trip on the other hand focuses on leisure. So the question is. Do I, do we, keep our enthusiastic tone of voice about the travels we did, hotels we slept in, flights we flew, cruises we cruised and excursions we did?

Spring is in the air but we should not come together to enjoy the sun. Yet this blog offers quite a few options on that front. Walks in Antwerp, history apps, spots to soak up the sun

Or should we calm down? Is it inappropriate to blog about joys of the past? About experiences which might not come back?

I don’t have an answer. At least not yet.

Quite a few of our our followers blog (almost) daily. I’m interested in your policies, your views on the issue. So please share with me, with us, how you deal with this situation.

Thank you.

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  1. It’s a difficult question. How about a weekly blog about being a home-town tourist if you are not yet on a shelter-in-place order? I would also enjoy retrospective posts of your favorite previous places. I cannot imagine never traveling again, especially since the tourist industry is a significant source of revenue for many countries. “This too shall pass” though I expect that it will change -how- many of us travel post-pandemic. (I will never travel without a mask and anti-virals from here on out…)

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    1. Timothy says:

      Thank you for your insight, Heather

      Danny has a few nostalgia-driven posts lined up. And indeed some posts about our surroundings is a good idea.

      I also expect us to travel differently from now on. How? Too soon to tell. Maybe we’ll have to prove our health in some way.

      Thank you, good luck, and stay safe.

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