2021 a fresh start or a transition year?

So yeah. It looks like were’s stuck with the pandemic and coronavirus countermeasures for a while. In Belgium, we can’t expect much improvement on that front before the end of winter.

Usually on 1 January we present you a calendar with pride dates. There’s really no point for that, now is there? 

We do not plan to stay still or silent on our little blog. Firstly we have our Germany rail trip of September / October 2020 to report. We have plenty of source material for Throwback Thursday posts and we’ll manage to bring you local and other content on Tuesday.

It’s slightly a challenge, but not a too hard one.

Travel plans

We do have travel plans for before and after the summer school recess. Whereto? Well, it will depend on what’s possible. 

It seems though intercontinental travel will not be an option in the foreseeable future, unfortunately. 

And you?

So what about you? How did you experience the pandemic? Did you moss out on big projects and (travel) plans? 

What are you looking out for in 2021?

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