2022: continuation or progress? 


On January 1st, 2021 we wrote “2021 a fresh start or a transition year?“. It seems like neither of those. A fresh start? Not really. 2020 and 2021 felt very similar. Transition? It implies 2022 would be like 2019. And that seems unlikely. Unfortunately, in 2022 COVID-19 will remain the main talking point. 

So for 2022, the options seem to be ‘continuation’ or ‘progress’. 

Continuation seems most likely. The omicron variant reminded us that progress isn’t linear. At a time we might think we were able to manage delta, omicron came along. So for now, 2022 looks like it will be the third episode in a trilogy. Or will 2023 be the fourth in a tetralogy? At least this is good for our vocabulary. 

Progress, perhaps. There are some promising reports on omicron being less damaging. That just might mean governments will panic less and travel will not be so uncertain as it is this winter and as it has been in the recent past. 

“I still remain optimistic that this can be the year we not only end the acute stage of the pandemic but we also chart a path to stronger health security”, dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from Ethiopia, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a press briefing on the 29 December.  

We don’t believe “things will get back to normal”. Even when – not if – we will be able to travel without (too many) coronavirus countermeasures, the pandemic will have changed something in our mindset and behavior. 2019 will never come back and “back to normal” is a futile thought as normality perpetually evolves.


Firm plans

So beyond the philosophical nonsense, we do have made firm travel plans. Will they stick? We don’t know. 

But Sam and Danny booked a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea and Oriol and Timothy are booked flights to and hotels in Mexico

We, Danny and Timothy, also booked some trains in the United Kingdom. Some gastronomic and sleeper trains await us. 

Later in the year, we want to test the new Frecciarossa service from Paris to Milan. While there, why not explore some cities in northern Italy

It is a bit risky, but we are fed up of waiting in uncertainty. 

So in the meantime we wish you a healthy 2022 without too many corona-related frustrations. 


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