COVID-19 | Flanders goes green for travel in Europe

On the new colour map by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Flanders is now a green zone. Brussels and Wallonia remain for now orange. That is good news as other countries will be more welcoming for residents of Flanders. That is the case for the Netherlands for instance, which remain mostly orange at this point.

Many countries and regions are now turning green. Germany, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Malta and Iceland are now completely green.

Large parts of France and Greece as well. Some parts of Denmark, Italy, Sweden and Norway are also green. 

Portugal is orange. Most of Spain is orange. Andalusia is red. There are no statistics for Ireland or Slovenia

14-day COVID-19 case notification rate per 100,000people and test positivity. EU / EEA weeks 23-24. Map of 24 June 2021.


A rise in COVID-19 infections in the United Kingdom is a concern. The UK government announced capacity crowds for the Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone in Northamptonshire. Reigning champion Lewis Hamilton is concerned.

He’s not alone. German federal chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is worried for rising Delta variant (Indian variant) infection in Lisbon. Portugal and Spain are welcoming British travellers with few or now restrictions. 

Let’s hope it doesn’t jeopardize our September-October travel plans. 

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