REVIEW | Iberia Express in business class from Madrid to Palma de Mallorca during corona

May 2021. The Belgian government lifted the ban on leisure travel in April, but strict travel rules limited options. As the Balearic Islandslles Balears or Islas Baleares – were a yellow zone, we booked flights and a hotel in Palma de Mallorca.

After enjoying our time in the lounge in Madrid it was time to move on to Mallorca. Our flight was operated by the low cost division Iberia Express.

Flight I23912
From Madrid (MAD) 15:40 to Palma de Mallorca (PMI) 17:00
Flight Time 0 hours and 56 minutes
Airbus A320-200 EC-LVQ
Delivered to Iberia Express in May 2013

The difference with the mainline Iberia is noticeable. While it was also an A320, it was an older model and the cabin was clearly more worn. The seats are simpler without headrests and no recline and the crew’s uniforms are also simpler.

There where power plugs under the seats however. This plane also wasn’t equipped with screens, but you could register and enjoy some complimentary entertainment through the on-board Wi-Fi however.

What surprised me most was the on-board service, which was amazing for a 55 minute flight. Right after take off we first where served a glass of orange juice as an aperitif, quickly followed by a snack with another drink of choice. The snack itself was quite substantial with bread, a vegetable platter and a delicious flan. To finish off the meal we were offered a tea or a coffee. I had to quickly drain my cup of green tea as we were almost landing by now. On such a short flight a truly amazing service. 

During the flight you had the option of connecting to the onboard Wi-Fi to stream entertainment to your device.

After landing we had to navigate the maze of Mallorca airport to be allowed into the country to have or covid test and Spanish entry form after which we had just to collect our bags and grab a taxi to our hotel. 

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