Iberia Dalí lounge Madrid Airport

May 2021. The Belgian government lifted the ban on leisure travel in April, but strict travel rules limited options. As the Balearic Islandslles Balears or Islas Baleares – were a yellow zone, we booked flights and a hotel in Palma de Mallorca.

The Iberia lounge in the main Terminal 4 is right behind the security screening on level 2 but getting there when transferring flights is not as straightforward as you have to navigate the maze of the terminal. As you exit your flight at level 1, the gate level you have to walk counterflow and mount up to the security level at level 2.

The location does however mean that most of the lounge offers some superb terminal and exterior views. Due to corona the Dalí Lounge in the main terminal is the only Iberia lounge currently opened in Madrid, the intercontinental Velázquez Lounge in the international satellite terminal is currently still closed.

The lounge itself is fairly recently redone and looks modern and open. It is also divided into 2 main parts, mirroring each other in food and beverage offerings. They also offer a range of different seating options, with plenty of power points and USB chargers. The WiFi to be used was the airport public one.

The lounge also has a clean and big toilet section which felt like it was constantly being cleaned by the cleaning staff. IF you wished the lounge also offered showers and a little game area to be kept entertained.

In time of corona Iberia manages to offer a proper lounge product with plenty of items to drink and eat, drinks are either in freezers in self-service or hot drinks from machines, in the afternoon a bar cart is set up from which you can get custom made mixed drinks like gin-tonics. Cold foods can be taken in closed containers while hot foods are served by staff behind the desk.

We really appreciated the comfort and convenience of an opened Business Class lounge during our transfers in Madrid airport. In our opinion Iberia does a good job in providing a corona proof lounge experience.

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