Moonlight Express and European Sleeper join forces under the brand European Sleeper

Moonlight Express from Belgium and European Sleeper from the Netherlands will join forces to provide night train services from the Benelux to Berlin, Prague and Warsaw. The brand name will be European Sleeper.

The Dutch company European Sleeper already had an agreement with RegioJet from Czechia to have them operate the trains. 

Both companies had similar ideas although a different startpoint. European Sleeper seemed to look to more budget travellers, while Moonlight Express promoted comfort first. 

But European Sleeper seemed further advanced on technical issues. By teaming up with RegioJet, it acquired rolling stock and expertise. 

“We have decided to develop one strong night train operator, instead of two competing initiatives”, European Sleeper says on Instagram.

“Both organisations independently started building a network of night trains from the Netherlands and Belgium last year. Working on the same challenges and had to overcome the same technical and procedural issues, we have coordinated our activities and built a good relationship among each other.”

“Most important for now is that, by joining forces, we can focus on one project and to be one representative for the partners we work with. The aim is to run a night train from Brussels through Amsterdam and Berlin to Prague in 2022.”

More information will surely follow.

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