GreenCityTrip: chartered night trains from Breda in the Netherlands to Venice, Prague, Milan, Vienna, Prague, Verona and Innsbruck

No, it’s not a regular night train service, but Flywise Travel is organising citytrips with chartered night trains under de brand GreenCityTrip. From the Netherlands to Venice, Prague, Milan, Vienna, Verona and Innsbruck

The trips are only possible on specific days, as the trains are chartered. There’s room for 700 people per trip. 

The train will consist of a maximum of sixteen carriages, with a sleeper car and a couchette car. Photos on show former Deutsche Bahn UIC-X coaches. 

The first train departs 15 October from Breda to Prague. You can also board at Rotterdam Central, The Hague Hollands Spoor, Amsterdam Central, Utrecht Central and Arnhem Central. When the train returns on 19 October,  the train then leaves for Venice, which also stops at Innsbruck and Verona.

Departure is guaranteed, unless COVID-19 countermeasures make leisure travel impossible. 

Luring Belgians

Departure station Breda is not a coincidence. Breda is near Belgium and Flywise wants Belgian customers. 

Flywise expects 40 to 60 people in the couchettes and up to 20 in the beds. 


Trips are now offered for the period October to March. Depending on the sales, it will be decided how the expansion will proceed. The organizers also dream of an overnight train to Krakow, Copenhagen and Budapest

Capacity has been requested for 2022 to Prague, Vienna, Venice and Milan.

First trips

  • Prague on 15 and 23 October, 25 November, 9 and 20 December, 6 January, 3 and 18 and 26 February and on 10 March.
  • Departure to Venice (via Innsbruck and Verona) in 2021 on 19 October and 11 November 11. In 2022 on 2, 13 and 27 January, and 11 February 11.
  • Departure to Milan (via Innsbruck) in 2021 on 4 November 4 and 27 December. In 2022, departures are possible on 20 January and 22 February.
  • Departure to Vienna in 2021on 18 November and 2 and 16 December. In 2022 on March 2.

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