The Belgian Pride presents Q.ARTz, a brand new queer arts festival in Brussels

From 18 to 26 September 18 to 26, the new multidisciplinary arts festival Q.ARTz in Brussels puts LGBTQI+ artists in the spotlight. With accessible exhibitions, workshops and performances, the festival aims to support culture, diversity and the local economy. 

In Antwerp, Antwerp Pride and Antwerp Queer Pride Festival (AQAF) have been held simultaneously for a few years now. Although both organisations are independent from each other, dates and activities are very intertwined. 

Q.Artz Festival

“As an organisation, The Belgian Pride wants to give visibility to the LGBTQI+ community all year round and draw attention to inclusion. We do this, among other things, by organizing events such as the Q.ARTz Festival“, says Laurent Mallet, chairman of Belgian pride. The Q.ARTz Festival is a collaboration between The Belgian Pride and various cultural and local partners in Brussels.

Supporting culture by caring for the LGBTQI+ community

Q.ARTz Festival aims to build bridges on a cultural level by providing a platform for queer artists living in Belgium. With the festival, Belgian Pride wants to express not only their social and political mission, but also their cultural sensitivity. Cultural institutions also need to raise awareness about inclusion and diversity within their own organisation.

This first edition of the Q.ARTz festival is the result of a collaboration between various Brussels parties, including cultural centers, museums, hotels, galleries and associations.

Brussels City Hall.

A varied program for all target groups

On 18 September the festival will be festively kicked off in the Hospice Garden (Jardin Hospice) with a 100% queer garden party with many special artists.

A selection from the offer: presentation of a new Manneken Pis outfit created for Q.ARTz, a workshop in which so-called zines are made, previews of queer artists, thematic film screenings and debates, dazzling drag performances, and – for the youngest – stories of princes and adventurers of all kinds, told by two drag queen artists.

Practical information

The full program is available on the website of The Belgian Pride. This program is subject to changes due to the COVID-19 regulations. Most events are free. As the capacity of some rooms is limited, it is recommended to make a reservation.

The Belgian Pride

Exploring Brussels

Images from the 2019 pride festivities.

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