Belgian Pride 2020 dedicated to mental and physical health

With the baseline ‘We Care’, this year Belgian Pride is drawing attention to the mental and physical health of LGBTI+ people. The theme will be discussed during more than 70 (partner) events during the pride festival from 8 to 24 May.

Highlight this year will be again the pride parade with more than 80 participating groups and organizations on Saturday 23 May.

Difficult and complex relationship LGBT+ persons with the medical world

“‘Health’ is a very broad theme that is relevant to everyone. We are not only talking about physical health, but also about mental and social health”, clarify Rachael Moore and Tom Devroye, coordinators of RainbowHouse Brussels and Arc-en-Ciel Wallonie.

“The slogan ‘We Care’ also refers to taking care of ourselves and others.”

LGBTI+ people often have a difficult and complex relationship with the medical world.

“We have noted many positive evolutions in recent years, but we still see many challenges. Intersex people still receive unnecessary medical interventions, which can lead to severe traumas and physical consequences. LGBTI+ seniors fall into loneliness and transgender people do not always receive the right medical care.”

Moore and Devroye also point to the conversion therapies of the past, HIV, the pathologization of trans people and current themes such as the ignorance of gynaecologists about the sex life of lesbian and bisexual women…

In addition, there are numerous mental health challenges such as the sky-high number of suicidal thoughts among LGBTI+ people.

“So there are still a lot of challenges we want to work on with everyone. Let’s work together to improve the health of LGBTI+ people in all its aspects”, Moore and Devroye conclude.

Successful 2019 edition and plans for 2020

The organisation looks back with satisfaction on the May 2019 edition, which was themed on intersectionality.

“The previous Belgian Pride was the most successful ever. Nevertheless, we continue to evaluate and improve our operations. Feedback from participants, partners, visitors and stakeholders was listened to in order to organise an even more inclusive, accessible and better Belgian Pride in the coming years”, say co-chairs of Belgian Pride Maaike Faes and Laurent Mallet.

In the coming year the organisation of Belgian Pride will continue its RainbowCity.Brussels project, in which the organisation, together with numerous partners, wants to cover the capital city as much as possible in rainbow colours during the pride festival.

Also this year numerous events and actions are on the agenda with as highlight the pride parade, where more than 80 participating organisations will take part on Saturday 23 May.

Image: Belgian Pride
Source: Belgian Pride

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