Malta wins 2021 Eurovision Song Contest


Je me casse‘ by Destiny from Malta will win the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. At least according to OUTtv‘s Eurovision fans. OUTtv is Europe‘s main LGBTQI themed lifestyle broadcaster, with presence in Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and Sweden

OUTtv created the OUT Music Award in 2010 to poll which ESC entry is the favourite within the rainbow. 

“It’s no secret the Eurovision Song Contest is popular within the LGBTQI community”, ESC expert and OUTtv person Jens Geerts (she, her) says. “The organising committee knows it as well. 

For Geerts, Destiny is a deserving and logical winner of the OUT Music Award. She won the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, her song is a party song and is all about female empowerment. 

Next to 7,500 votes from OUTtv’s audience, ESC participants Axel Hirsoux (Belgium, 2014), Ronnie Tober (the Netherlands, 1968), Krista Siegfrids (Finland, 2013) and Stefania (Greece, 2021) casted a vote. 

Actual winner?

Geerts can’t predict which country will actually win this year’s covid strikken ESC in Rotterdam. She sees several favourites: France, Italy, Switzerland, Iceland, Bulgaria or perhaps Ukraine.

Geerts is pessimistic for Belgium’s entry. ‘The Wrong Place‘ by Hooverphonic will be lucky to reach the finals. Bookmakers place the song on 12th position in the first semi-final, where ten song go through. 

Former winners

Previous winners of the OUT Music Award zijn include Duncan Laurence (the Netherlands, 2019), Netta (Israel, 2018), Måns Zelmerlöw (Sweden, 2015), Emmelie de Forest (Denmark, 2013), Loreen (Sweden, 2012) en Lena (Germany, 2010). 


After being in coma regarding LGBTQI issues, the Republic of Malta has reformed its laws to open up marriage for homosexual couples and have transgender and intersex friendly rules and regulations. 

It may not be Europe’s most vibrant gay (party) tourism destinations but its policies have earned Malta a top spot on ILGA-Europe‘s Rainbow Europe Index for six year in a row. Followed by Belgium by the way. 

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