LGBTQ SURVEY | Travel plans following the coronavirus outbreak

Zsolt Erdei, CEO of Humen Travel in Budapest, Hungary is interested in knowing the travel plans of LGBTQ people after the strict coronavirus countermeasures are being softened.

“I need your help and cooperation in an important issue that has affected many of us recently”, says Erdei.

“All around the world, tourism has come to a complete halt in a few weeks due to the coronavirus epidemic, and a lot of LGBTQ people working in the tourism sector have also lost their jobs. With this year’s prides and LGBTQ festivals being canceled, the LGBTQ tourism sector will also lose a lot of revenue, putting even more jobs at risk.”

“We can only save LGBTQ tourism and those employed in this sector by working together. With our survey, we want to assess the future plans of the international LGBTQ community following the coronavirus epidemic. The questions focusing on travel habits aim to get a clear picture of which destinations and for what purpose LGBTQ travelers want to visit in the future. Please help us by filling out this survey and share it with your LGBTQ friends.”

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