Gay pride calendar 2019

Welcome, 2019. A special year. Fifty years ago, in June 1969, patrons of The Stonewall Inn in New York grew tired of yet another raid by the police. Gay, lesbians, bisexuals and mostly: transgenders, transvestites and dragqueens fought back. Those were the Stonewall Riots.

In 1970, the very first gay pride march commemorated the riots. It became a world wide phenomenon and tradition. Here is an overview of pride festivals in Europe and the world.

This is not a complete overview. That is impossible. But those listed hereafter deserve a note on your calendar.




  • 2 March: Sydney Mardi Gras Parade, Australia;
  • 2-3 March: Cape Town Pride, South Africa;
  • 7-10 March: Rainbow Reykjavik; Iceland;
  • 9 March: BiPride UK, London.



  • 2-12 May: Maspalomas Pride, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain;
  • 18 May: Belgian Pride, Brussels;
  • 22-26 May: Alkmaar Pride, The Netherlands.



June is Pride Month. In the United States it’s even an official thing.

  • 1 June: Utrecht Canal Pride, The Netherlands;
  • 1 June: Fiertés Lille Pride, France;
  • 1 June: Magical Pride, Disneyland Paris, France;
  • 1-30 June with focus on 26-30 June: WorldPride New York;
  • 1-16 June with focus on 15 June: EuroPride 2019 Vienna, Austria;
  • 1-16 June: Zürich Pride, Switzerland;
  • 4-9 June: Baltic Pride, Vilnius, Lithuania;
  • 8 June: Sofia Pride, Bulgaria;
  • 8-14 June: Tel Aviv Pride, Israel;
  • 9 June: LA Pride Parade, Los Angeles;
  • 14-22 June: Oslo Pride, Norway;
  • 20-29 June: Dublin Pride, Ireland;
  • 22 June: Ljubljana Pride, Slovenia;
  • 23 June: Toronto Pride Parade, Canada;
  • 23 June São Paulo Pride, Brazil;
  • 27-30 June: Marcha del Orgullo LGBT de la Ciudad de México, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • 28-30 June: Pride Barcelona, Spain;
  • 29 June: Marche des fiertés de Paris, France.


  • 28 June – 8 July: Madrid Orgullo, Spain;
  • 6 July: Pride in London parade;
  • 13 July: Bourne Free, Bournemouth, United Kingdom;
  • 19-22 July: L-Fest UK, LLandundo, Wales, United Kingdom;
  • 20-28 July: CSD Berlin, Germany;
  • 21 July – 4 August: Vancouver Pride, Canada.



  • 3 August: Canal Parade Pride Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
  • 3 August: parade Brighton Pride, United Kingdom;
  • 3 August: Stockholm Pride, Sweden;
  • 7-11 August: Antwerp Pride, Belgium;
  • 8-18 August: Fierté Montréal, Canada;
  • 10 August: Prague Pride, Czech Republic;
  • 13-18 August: Copenhagen Pride, Denmark;
  • 23-16 August: Manchester Pride, United Kingdom.


  • 10-15 September: Belgrade Pride, Serbia;
  • 22-29 September: Rotterdam Pride, The Netherlands.


  • 2 November: Buenos Aires Pride, Argentina.

Uncertain dates

Beware! Some dates are unconfirmed. Oddly, Paris pride has no firm date. Neither has Taiwan Pride in Taipei.

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