Onwards to 2019

We launched Trip By Trip a year ago. The blog, the appreciations and feedback exceeded our expectations.

We started this blog as a diary of our travels. In the year we’ve been blogging, we have been enjoying our travels and excursions more actively. We take photos and gather information so we can blog later. It has become a second nature.

Over the course of the year, we have found our ‘thing’, our theme. Which is train travel, obviously. We just love it. But it doesn’t mean we can’t be critical about how train travel is organised.

We dare to say we are no one trick ponies. In between reviews we sometimes comment on (rail) travel news, or highlight something of our hometown Antwerp.

On 1 January we wrote “We aim at posting once a week. We have quite a few travels planned, together and separately. But we also have past experiences to share. So certainly in the beginning we’ll keep up the weekly posting. Sometimes wee’ll have more to tell you and we’ll blog more often, sometimes we’ll blog less.”

We certainly exceeded that periodicity. Although quantity is not our aim. We just have stories to tell. We will continue to as long as we do.

Thank you for following us.

Danny & Timothy


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