A throwback to when Radisson Blu Sofia was still in operation

After our stay at the InterContinental Bucharest we travelled onwards further south by train to Sofia. When we were first planning the trip InterContinental would have just opened their newest hotel in Sofia and we were of course eager to try it out and booked our stay there.

Unfortunately due to circumstances the opening of the InterContinental was delayed and we would be staying in the hotel as it was operating under the Radisson Blu banner. We were informed in advance that there would be building works and that we would be provided with a solution. We had booked a clubroom, including access to the club-lounge but as we got there, after being picked up by the hotel shuttle from the train station, we learned that it was closed due to the renovations going on. However as was explained before in a mail sent to us by the manager, we were given a voucher for unlimited complimentary drinks and snacks in the bar for the duration of our stay, while breakfast was served in the main restaurant. The fitness area was also under renovation during our stay and we could make use of an outside fitness located a few buildings away, however we did not make use of it.

The Room

The room was very nice and spacious, providing a main area with a table, the minibar, coffee and tea facilities and all the complimentary amenities like water bottles and a fruit basket. Here there was also a smaller bed, so we each had our own bed for the night, as down the corridor there was the master bedroom with a bigger bed. Along the corridor you also had a separate toilet with a sink as well as the main bathroom featuring a large area with 2 sinks, a bath, a shower and another toilet, all cladded in with marble. It was a very nice and spacious room to stay in, boasting a magnificent view of the Alexander Nevski Cathedral.


Even though there where some facilities closed due to the renovation of the hotel to be turned into the InterContinental Sofia we were informed about every issue before our arrival and everything was very cleanly and clearly solved which was quite the opposite of our experience at Crowne Plaza Belgrade.

Hopefully we will get the chance to try out the hotel again under the new brand of InterContinental.

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