Antwerp lists Wolvenberg-Brilschans in Berchem now as nature reserve

The City of Antwerp has added the Wolvenberg-Brilschans nature reserve in the district of Berchem to the list of urban nature reserves. That list now includes six nature reserves, together accounting for more than 360 hectares of protected nature on urban territory. 

The city government has also confirmed the recognition of its other nature reserves. This means that the nature reserves are extra protected and that these areas will remain nature reserves in the future.

Wolvenberg in Berchem.

The city of Antwerp already has many nature reserves, including De Oude Landen, the Bospolder and the Ekers Moeras in Ekeren, Groen Neerland in Wilrijk and the Hobokense Polder in… Hoboken. The city government now also adds the Wolvenberg-Brilschans plot in Berchem to its list of reserves.

The City of Antwerp is taking this opportunity to reconfirm all acknowledgments. In this way, the city may not change the destination of these sites in the future and these nature reserves are thus preserved for future generations.

Nature reserve?

In a nature reserve, plants and animals are extra protected. Visitors are not allowed to disturb the peace, do not pick plants and the use of fertilizers or pesticides is prohibited.

Alderman for Greenery Els van Doesburg  (N-VA) emphasizes the importance of healthy and sufficient nature in the city: “The importance of sufficient greenery, especially in the city, cannot be emphasized enough. I am very happy that we are safeguarding this piece of nature for eternity so that plants can flourish, animals can make their habitats and Antwerp residents can enjoy nature. Moreover, nature reserves are natural air conditioners for the wider area, and therefore the city.”

Managed by Natuurpunt

Natuurpunt manages the nature reserves in the city of Antwerp, whereby they develop a management plan for each area so that nature is given every opportunity.

Koen Van Keer, chairman of Natuurpunt Antwerpen Stad and co-curator of Wolvenberg-Brilschans, indicates that the nature reserves in the city are of particular importance. 

According to him, Wolvenberg-Brilschans also has many assets: “The nature reserve is partially enclosed by the Ring and the Singel. Yet it is an excellent place for many animals and plants. This is partly due to its location against the green railway verge, which forms an ecological connection around Antwerp. The forest area is a safe place for polecats and weasels. More than 300 species of butterflies and moths find a place there. The pond is teeming with native fish species, including pike. Frogs and salamanders live in the pools. Many birds such as cormorant, kingfisher, green woodpecker and sparrowhawk also have a nest or look for food there. And there are more than 400 different plant species, including four different orchids.”

“Our local branch is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, so the acquisition of the Wolvenberg land by the city and especially the commitment that this will remain natural, feels a bit like a nice birthday present”, says Van Keer.

On the look of Antwerp

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