ANTWERP | Opening second part of Schengen Square at Eilandje

The second part of the Schengenplein or Schengen Square opened on Friday 28 April, on the southeastern side of the Kattendijkdok. Earlier, part of the redeveloped New Yorkkaai (New York Quay) and the new Tallinnstraat (Tallinn Street) also opened there. The City of Antwerp and city government real estate agency AG Vespa thus transformed the entire site into an ideal location for relaxing by the water.

The Schengen Square was designed by PTArchitecten and Sweco as a green and car-free neighborhood square for the Cadixwijk (Cádiz Neighbourhood). It is located on the former parking lot of the old customs building, and the first part opened in 2017.

Extension to the water

The second part of the square has now been expanded by 4,800 square meters up to the water. It was given trees, green areas, a water playground, benches and a very spacious pontoon in the Kattendijkdok. 

That wooden pontoon consists of a large staircase of terraces and sloping surfaces, where it is pleasant to stay. The former Ziegler shed has been partly preserved and provided as a shelter on the square, with a glass wall on the waterfront as shelter from the wind. The authentic roof trusses and the columns of the hangar have been recovered.

Alderman for Urban Development Annick De Ridder (N-VA): “The Schengen Square, which has been expanded to no less than 4,800 square metres, perfectly illustrates how we are rapidly greening and bluening the city. The Schengen Square now runs all the way to the water and is ‘finished off’ with green spaces, extra trees, a water playground, the necessary benches and – as icing on the cake – a beautiful wooden pontoon with large steps at the Kattendijkdok. The former Ziegler shed also shines in a new guise as a shelter on the square. The inhabitants of Antwerp are thus treated to a green and pleasant walking and relaxing space with a view of the water.”

New York Quay as a green living space

The southern part of the New York Quay has already been redeveloped into a car-free, green and pleasant walking and leisure zone with a view of the water. That exists of:

A pedestrian zone along the dock edge in blue limestone and cobblestones, which is also the access zone for the various berths of river cruises and tour boats and for the emergency services. This zone is mainly intended for pedestrians and maritime visitors.

A central green zone as a lounge area for relaxing, playing, sports, picnicking or resting on movable seating furniture on the old tracks, and with space for events or pop-ups. The various green sections not only provide extra greenery, but also provide shade and shelter from the wind. They also serve as rain gardens for water storage.

A circulation and access zone along the buildings, with space for terraces. This zone, in sawn cobblestone, is also accessible for loading and unloading during window times. Access to this zone is limited by, among other things, road signs. It can also function as a bicycle comfort zone as an alternative to the blue stone walking path and the bicycle axis on the Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai.

The existing maritime heritage, such as the mooring posts and tracks, has been fully preserved and integrated into the new public domain.

In the northern part of the New York Quay, the planting areas and trees have been laid out over the entire length to form a homogeneous whole along the quay. The further construction of the public space in this zone is planned for the next phase.

Tallinn Street

The new connection between the New York Quay and the Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai, the Tallinn Street, is a dead end street. It is arranged as a residential area with access to the underground car parks of the buildings and the loading and unloading zone on the quay.

District Mayor of the District of Antwerp Paul Cordy (N-VA): “With the completion of the Schengen Square, Antwerp will become even more of a city on the water. You immediately see everything that Antwerp has to offer here: a view of the modern port that is constantly developing, the proximity of our maritime heritage that has made our city great, and vibrant new, green residential areas that every other city is jealous of.”

On the look of Antwerp

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    Looks a nice place.
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      It will be a nice place to cool down in the summer.

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        I can imagine.
        Thank’s Timothy.
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