Marklineum Goppingen

It’s summer 2022 and for the first time in 12 years I finally had some time off of work during summer, luckily my boyfriend also had time off so we made a road trip to Germany. Originally we planned to stop at Karlsruhe to visit our friend Simon living there, unfortunately he was struck by corona. The plan was changed to a relaxing stop at picturesque Koblenz before continuing onto a 3 night stay at Stuttgart, copying Timothy’s trip.

When I was a child my dad always had a collection of Märklin built model trains, even at that time I knew there was a dedicated museum at their main office in Goppingen near Stuttgart. As now I would be finally in the area I decided to make a stopover at the factory museum and shop. On the outside on the parking there is an old steam locomotive parked inside an open building designed to make it look like an oversized product box, a very nice gimmick.

Inside the museum is divided in different floors, talking about the history of the company and showing off various products the company made over time.

Another floor talks about all the different model trains the company produced and shows off the most important highlights.

In the basement there is a big functioning model railway, of which currently only half is finished and the other half under construction. While not as impressive as miniature wonderland in Hamburg, it still is nice to see.

Next to the different museum floors there is the big factory shop, also selling some models you can only buy there.

The entire complex is a nice stop if you are in the area, but not worth to make the trek to visit it especially. Allow for 1 to 2 hours to visit.

Danny and Sam go to Stuttgart, 2022

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