CORONAVIRUS | Can you still visit Antwerp? And what can you do?


The Federal Government of Belgium has imposed significant measures to deal with coronavirus COVID-19. What does this mean for Antwerp?

Tourism board Visit Antwerp is implementing the measures that have been imposed by the Belgian National Security Council to contain the further spread of coronavirus and protect at risk groups.

“We herewith provide you, as a visitor to our city, with an overview of these measures, which are applicable until 3 April 2020. We are taking a step back temporarily, in hopes of being able to share a healthy, even more radiant city with you after this date.”

What is coronavirus?

At the end of 2019, a novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was detected in China. The virus has since spread to Belgium. The Belgian health authorities are doing everything possible to protect everyone’s health. You can find all the information about this virus online at

Can you still visit Antwerp?

There are no travel restrictions in force for Antwerp. You can still visit the city but bear in mind that all the city’s institutions are closed, as well as restaurants and cafés.

Check the advisories of your own country to see whether travel restrictions apply for Belgium.

Visitor centres of Visit Antwerp

The visitor centre at Grote Markt will remain open and will continue to provide all tourist information. The Brand Store at Antwerp-Central railway station is closed until 3 April 2020 (to be confirmed).

The Stadswinkel is closed. For the time being, no products will be sold.

Cafés, restaurants, hotels, shops and leisure and sports activities

  • Museums, churches, cultural centres and sports centres will remain closed.
  • All events will be cancelled or postponed.
  • Clubs, cinemas, cafés and restaurants will be closed. You can only pick up food from chip shops but you cannot consume it onsite. Home delivery and drive-in are also allowed.
  • Hotels will remain open, their restaurants and bars will be closed.
  • Food shops, animal feed shops and chemist will remain open, also on weekends.
  • All other shops and traders must close on weekends, but will remain open on weekdays.

Food markets still operate. Zoo van Antwerpen, the Antwerp Zoo, remains open. But other than that…

(UPDATE: Antwerp Police has closed the zoo.)


Antwerp City Card

The sale of the Antwerp City Card is currently suspended.

Did you already purchase an Antwerp City Card? Please be aware that the card is only activated when you first use it. If you wish to postpone your visit to another time of the year, you can keep your ticket for when you return. If you will not be returning to Antwerp any time soon, you can contact us at about a potential reimbursement.

Public transport

Public transport is operating normally. The authorities have, however, requested that you limit your use of public transport to essential travel and essential times, preferably outside the rush hour. Please also pay attention to basic hygiene.

Cruise ships

Cruise ships may moor in the city and stock up on supplies. They may not disembark in the city, however, meaning passengers may not leave the ship.


What should you do?

Pay even more attention to hygiene: wash your hands with soap and water, cough and sneeze in the crook of your arm, don’t kiss others, do not shake people’s hands, maintain a safe distance and stay at home if you feel sick.

Source: Visit Antwerpen

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  1. pedmar10 says:

    Best of luck, here many still open in my area big cities are different. going out now for shopping and eat out. Be safe , cheers

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    1. Timothy says:

      Thank you and good luck to you!


      1. pedmar10 says:



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