Antwerp City Hall hosts ‘Antwerp Tomorrow’ exhibition on urban development

The Antwerp City Hall now hosts ‘Antwerp Tomorrow‘, a free exhibition on the urban development of the city. 

“The City of Antwerp has a particularly rich tradition of urban development. That story is not finished yet. Where does the city come from and where is it growing towards? How do the cities of today and tomorrow deal with challenges such as quality of life, climate, major infrastructure projects…?”, the press release says.

The renewed exhibition ‘Antwerp Tomorrow’ in the city hall, designed and completed by the city architect’s studio, provides answers to these and many other questions. It can be visited free of charge every day between 9 AM and 6 PM.

The ‘Antwerp Tomorrow’ exhibition has had a place in the pavilion at the Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS) since 2018, but is now moving to the heart of Antwerp: the ground floor of the city hall.


The exhibition visualizes the historical growth of the city. 

Particular attention is paid to urban planning from the 1970s to the present, with an extensive focus on the many residential projects, public buildings, parks and squares that have been realized in recent years. At the same time, this expo introduces visitors to the urban development projects that will change the view of Antwerp in the coming years. Plans, models and videos make the future of the city tangible.

The eye-catcher of the exhibition is the large digital table. Here, several visitors can simultaneously explore more than 100 completed urban development projects, both realized and future. An extensive historical section offers a view of the evolution of the city.

Annick De Ridder (N-VA), alderman for Urban Development and Spatial Planning says: “As a particularly dynamic city, Antwerp has undergone many transformations over the centuries, each more historic and spectacular than the next. Urban renewal is in our Antwerp blood. The birth of Nieuw Zuid, the makeover of the 7-kilometre long Scheldt Quays, the new park Zuidpark…”

“I will mention just a few of the great chapters that we are currently writing with the city in terms of urban development, each of which focuses on greening and bluening. However, the story of urban transformations is far from over. The Antwerp Tomorrow expo cleverly immerses every visitor in the wonderful world of urban development.”

Current urban development projects

  • City near the water: with the transformation of the Eilandje, the master plan for the renovated Scheldt Quays and the new quay area at the Loodswezen as examples.
  • The Big Link: here the focus is on what the city will look like after the realization of the seven parks at the Ring and a Scheldt Bridge, and on the plans for the intriguing urban development project Ringstad.
  • The spatial research Lab XX, which visualizes the possibilities and opportunities for developments in 20th-century areas outside the Ring.

City Master Builder Christian Rapp: “In the ‘Antwerp Tomorrow’ exhibition there is also room to receive groups with an interest in urban development and to organize small-scale events such as lectures. The new Spatial Plan (Strategic Spatial Plan for Antwerp) and Antwerp for Climate lay the foundations for a dialogue about future urban development.”

Temporary in-depth exhibition

On top of ‘Antwerp Tomorrow’, visitors can also discover the temporary exhibition ‘Renovation of Town Hall, from Schoon Verdiep to Verlicht Verdiep‘. It discusses the eventful history, the traces of construction, the new design and the recent total restoration of the iconic building in which the expo is located.

Model of Antwerp City Hall.


‘Antwerp Tomorrow’ and ‘Renovation City Hall, from Schoon Verdiep to Verlicht Verdiep‘ can be visited free of charge daily, from 9 AM to 6 PM. They are located on the ground floor of the Town Hall and are accessible from the Grote Markt and the Suikerrui. Entrance is free.

All information can be found at


I went yesterday. The exhibition is okay and informative. Photos of Antwerp fifty or one hundred years ago are nice to see. But it’s also propaganda. Not every development project is as welcome as it is presented. 

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