VIDEO | Taking a seaplane from Vancouver to Victoria in British Columbia


While in Vancouver, Danny and I took a seaplane to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. Yes, a seaplane.

The journey was not cheap, but so exclusive. Not in the ‘posh’ sense of the word, but in the ‘once in a a lifetime opportunity’ sense. Really, there are so few seaplane flight services worldwide.


So we booked a Harbour Air flight. I remember we had some delay due to bad weather. It was even a possibility our flight would be cancelled.

In the cockpit

It wasn’t. As we boarded, the pilot assigned us seats. Danny got the ‘privilege’ to sit in the back. Luckily there was no livestock in the plane. I, well, I was assigned to sit in front, in the cockpit. So I was in for quite an experience.


I filmed the flight and turned into a nine-minute video.



Once in Victoria we walked around in this picturesque town and did a tour of the Parliament of British Columbia.


Outside I could indulge in my love of heraldry.


We took a bus and a BC Ferries ferry back to Vancouver, which was uneventful.


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  1. WhyToStop says:

    Wowww…that’s so exciting… amazing post 😊👌👍


    1. Timothy says:

      Thank you. It was indeed exciting!


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