What sleeping in a business class seat compares to…

Danny is living new train and rail adventures in France, Italy and Switzerland. I am unfortunately bedridden at the moment.

Having been in hospital for a week now, I had an epiphany. Sleeping in a hospital bed is like sleeping in a business class seat on a plane?


Huh? Bare with me.

  • The bed is a bed but not as ‘beddy’ as your bed at home or in a hotel room.
  • There are electronic controls on a hospital bed. Just as on a business seat.
  • Both are not made to sleep in another position than on your back.
  • You will wake up several times during the night or flight.
  • Both are a fight with sheets and blankets.
  • As a result your sleep is okay but not great.

So tell me, what do you think?



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  1. Sorry to read you are unwell. Hope you recover quickly!


    1. Timothy says:

      Thank you. It will take some time…

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  2. readerwitch says:

    I think I’d wish you to recover soon! And yes, that’s a very good comparison. Do you need some advice on a nice book while you are there? 🙂

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    1. Timothy says:

      Thank you. And yes, sure!


      1. readerwitch says:

        I’m happy you agreed. So one of the funniest I’ve recently read is Born a Crime. It’s a memoir by Trevor Noah and he’s a comedian, so … The book is not always light and easy but it’s very often funny. He reads the audiobook himself and it’s the best. Another one is fiction, A Man Called Ove. Have you read it already? I noticed many people already have. Anyway, it’s heartwarming, kind and very funny sometimes. I’m reading another one which is also very funny but I need to see how it goes to be sure to recommend it. It will be released in October and I hope you will be back to your “beddy” by then 🙂

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      2. Timothy says:

        Thank you. I’ll look them up on my next book shopping spree 🙂


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