VIDEO | Pilatus-Bahn – Mount Pilatus cogwheel railway in Switzerland


Staying at my sister’s in Zug in October, I had a great view of Pilatus, a mountain in the canton of Lucerne in central Switzerland.

The Pilatus can be climbed by cable car, but obviously I chose the Pilatus-Bahn, a cogwheel railway using sometimes a 48% gradient. A record. The railway starts in Aplnachstad in the canton of Obwalden. It rises to the Esel summit at 2,073 meters or 6,801 feet.

As images speak for themselves, here’s a video.


On top

Once on top of the Pilatus there are two hotels, the Pilatus-Kulm and the Bellevue, there are two restaurants, several hikes and amazing views.

As everything going up is not cheap. But the excursion is magnificent.


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