Switzerland 2022 

After the year 2021 without visiting my sister Florence in Zug in Switzerland, I finally returned to the Confoederatio Helvetica in March and April 2022. I stayed over a week. More than a family visit, I organised an excursion to French-speaking Switzerland, also known as Romandy, to visit Maxime and the vineyards of Lavaux in the canton of Vaud, near Lausanne. I also booked a journey on the world-famous Glacier Express from Sankt Moritz to Brig. Furthermore, I looked for a nice way in and out. The ÖBB Nightjet night train from Amsterdam to Zurich and the voyage home via Lyon in France.


It was great to be a full week in Switzerland. I first went to Zandvoort in the Netherlands and then took the night train from Amsterdam to Zurich. I did an excursion to Lausanne and Lavaux in Romandy

I visited Thun and Sankt Gallen. With the Glacier Express, the Thurbo Lake Line and the Voralpen-Express I completed some section of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

I was extremely lucky with very nice spring, almost summery weather. Just in the end winter and snow came back. The return was via Chamonix, Aix-les-Bains and Lyon.

Flag of Grisons.

Anyway, it was great. 

And there’s plenty left to do and see for quite a few visits. I suppose my sister living in Switzerland helps.

2022 Train Tour of Switzerland ft. Circuit Zandvoort and the Mont-Blanc Express

  1. Zandvoort, home of the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix.
  2. REVIEW | ÖBB Nightjet Amsterdam – Zurich night train.
  3. SWITZERLAND 2022 | Thun and Thun Castle.
  4. SWITZERLAND 2022 | The Lausanne Métro.
  5. REVIEW | Hotel du Raisin in Lausanne.
  6. SWITZERLAND 2022 | The Vineyard Terraces of Lavaux in Vaud.
  7. SWITZERLAND 2022 | Two days in Lausanne.
  8. Romandy.
  9. SWITZERLAND 2022 | Sankt Moritz.
  10. REVIEW | Hotel Arte in Sankt Moritz.
  11. SWITZERLAND | The Glacier Express from Sankt Moritz to Brig (and to Zermatt).
  12. SWITZERLAND | The Grisons or Graubünden.
  13. SWITZERLAND 2022 | Thurbo Seelinie, discovering Switzerland’s northern lake route.
  14. SWITZERLAND 2022 | Sankt Gallen.
  15. SWITZERLAND 2022 | Voralpen-Express: Sankt Gallen – Rapperswil – Lucerne.
  16. MONT-BLANC EXPRESS | Linking Martigny, Chamonix and Saint-Gervais-les-Bains in the Alps.
  17. REVIEW | Urban Hôtel & Spa in Aix-les-Bains.

Danny touring Switzerland in 2013

  1. Brussels – Luxembourg – Strasbourg – Basel;
  2. The old Gotthard Line
  3. Locarno to Brig, via the Centovalli, through Italy and the Simplon Tunnel;
  4. Brig to Zermatt on the Mattherhorn and Gotthard Bahn;
  5. Gornergratbahn;
  6. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise;
  7. Zermatt to Interlaken;
  8. HOTEL REVIEW | M Gallery Hotel Royal – St. Georges Interlaken.
  9. Jungfrau;
  10. First cable car
  11. Schilthorn Mountain and Trümmelbach Falls;
  12. Schynige Platte Bahn;
  13. Meiringen and the Reichenbach Falls
  14. Zentralbahn to Lucerne and Engelberg
  15. Lucerne and Kussnacht am Rigi
  16. Rigi Mountain and Schwyz.
The Glacier Express.

Danny touring Switzerland in 2018

  1. Milan – Bernina – Sankt Moritz;
  2. Hotel Soldanella Sankt Moritz;
  3. Albula, Furka and Loetschberg passes;
  4. Waldhotel Doldenhorn Kandersteg;
  5. The Golden Pass line;
  6. Golf Hôtel René Capt Montreux;
  7. Swiss Riviera;
  8. Lake Geneva and Geneva;
  9. InterContinental Geneva;
  10. TGV Lyria.
The Glacier Express.

Me going to Switzerland in 2018, 2019 and 2020

The Mont-Blanc Express.

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  1. elvira797mx says:

    Wow! The Glacier Express looks amazing.
    Thank’s for share, Tmothy.
    Have a wonderful day!

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    1. Timothy says:

      It really is. Such an experience.

      Have a great day, Elvira.


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      1. elvira797mx says:

        Wow! I can imagine, thank’s.
        You as well, Timothy.



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