Zürich – Frankfurt – Brussels with Deutsche Bahn’s ICE high speed trains


After a few days at my sister’s in Zug, I returned from Switzerland to Antwerp in Belgium via Germany. This meant taking a ICE-train from Zürich to Frankfurt and then an ICE to Brussels. To Switzerland I travelled via France and I wanted to do something else. Plus it’s a great excuse for an extra blogpost.

ICE stands for ‘Inter City Express’ and is Deutsche Bahn‘s high speed train service. It’s also the name of the EMU’s built by Siemens to operate those trains.

I bought first class tickets because I felt like it. Travelling alone, I wanted a quiet time. First class provides this, together with a power outlet, more legroom and well, a touch of class.


Zürich to Frankfurt

The first leg brought me from Zürich to Frankfurt on an ICE 1. First class is divided in an 2+1 configuration. Power outlets for all seats. WiFi even in Switzerland.

The seats are spacious but rather firm. There’s a large tablet and a pouch, with a menu. Attendants come by for orders from the Bordbistro car and bring you food and drinks. Which you have to pay. Still, it’s a nice service.

The journey is rather smooth. There’s is some Verspätung, delay, though. We arrive 16 minutes late at Frankfurt (Main) Haubtbahnhof. Luckily I have enough time to transfer.


Frankfurt to Brussels

The second leg is on a more modern ICE 3M. The EMU at the back goes to Amsterdam, hence the added Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) logo.


The interior design is very similar to the ICE 1, except the Bordbistro and 2nd class.


Oddly, the menus are not 100% on both journey’s. I wanted to order Alpen-Maultaschen mit Käse, meat pasta squares with cheese, but they were out. It was the only bump in the journey.

An uneventful journey is what you want.

I was very comfortable on both ICE’s and could have stayed there a little longer.

What are your experiences with Deutsche Bahn?


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