My first Swiss rail trip part 14: Lucerne and Kussnacht am Rigi

After our magnificent first big rail trip around Scandinavia the year before, my best friend suggested we went to discover Switzerland by rail in 2013. He was inspired by his aunt’s trips to Switzerland and always wanted to go there himself, of course I couldn’t say no as the country spoke to me too. So off we went on a second rail adventure together.

The last base for our tour was in Lucerne. We arrived there after travelling on the Zentralbahn from Interlaken, making a stop in Meiringen on the way. In Lucerne we strolled through the quaint city centre and saw its famous wooden Chapel Bridge.

We also spent an entire day at the magnificent Verkehrshaus, learning about the history of all the different kinds of transportation that exists in Switzerland. It’s a true must-see for anyone interested in transportation and the techniques behind it.

The following day we started off by taking the Voralpen Express until Kussnacht am Rigi, a place well-known for Belgians. This is the spot where the former Queen Astrid died in a car crash. To commemorate a chapel was built on the site of the crash. However due to the need to widen the road for increased traffic, the chapel was displaced and is now a few metres away from the actual scene of the crash.  The entire site has a beautiful view over Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountains.

After our pilgrimage to Astrid’s chapel, we continued by bus to our next stop at Vitznau. More about that in the next chapter.

Have you evert visited a historic site for the history of your country in another country? Let us know in the comments below!

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