REVIEW |Swiss Business Class Lounge Terminal A Zurich

Early 2020 AD. Timothy and I embark on a 21st century Odyssey. On the Majestic Princess from Sydney to New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji. Back to Sydney, then to Melbourne and flying back home.

We did this before the Big Coronavirus Disruption of Life As We Knew It.

After arriving about 1 and a half hours late from Singapore we still had some time left to spend in the lounge in Zurich. The main lounge is located in the plaza between piers A and B/D and is divided into a Business Class, a Senator and a First Class Lounge.


The Business Class lounge consists of 3 levels. The bottom one is where the welcome desk is along with some seating and the shower cabins. When we arrived there where some cabins ready to use so we went to shower in Davos and Appenzell.

The shower cabins have a very nice and minimalistic design. The towels are nice and soft and the dispensers offer good quality products. They do lack extra amenities like toothbrushes and combs, which would have been a nice extra.

The main level is one level up the stairs and has a centrally located dining area next to a buffet.


There are not a lot of dining options available but they are of good quality and you can have some food made to order.

On the main level there are also some more relaxing style seatings, high top tables around a roof light looking down to the lower level and a separate conference style room with an interactive screen depicting Swiss scenes in the background. Next to the toilets there is also a small outdoor smoking area.

Upstairs is the quiet area, offering a number of different relaxing seating possibilities. You can also look across the main departure hall with all the shops and out onto the apron, the sunblinds restrict the view outside however.


The Swiss Lounge in Terminal A was recently renovated and looks quite nice, it however lacks the magnificent outside views form the Terminal E Lounge. It still is one of the better lounges I visited.

Have you been in Swiss’ recently renovated A lounge? What do you think of the renovations, is it a success? Let us know in the comments below!

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