Antwerp to Zug: the Frankfurt – Zurich Business Route

By now you know my sister lives in Switzerland. There are three main itineraries from Antwerp to Zug and the quick and efficient route is Antwerp – Brussels – Frankfurt – Zurich – Zug. I like to call it the Frankfurt – Zurich Business Route as it’s full of business people and managers travelling between these economic and financial capitals. 

The others are the French Connection (Antwerp – Brussels – Strasbourg – Zug) and the Rhine Panorama (Antwerp – Brussels – Cologne – Zurich – Zug).

Last time I decided to go the efficient route. In theory it’s the fastest way but in practice I’ve encountered many obstacles in Germany all those times I travelled to Switzerland. 

Deutsche Bahn‘s ICE 11 from Brussels-North to Frankfurt Main Station went smooth. The ICE rolling stock is a decent one. I did notice there’s no at-your-seat catering in first class anymore. Corona, probably.


The ICE 71 from Hamburg Altona to Chur was announced in Frankfurt with 20 minutes delay. There was a technical issue with the train, it was announced. That’s fine. Working on trains, I know these things happen.

We left ultimately with 28 minutes Verspätung (delay). Already in the station it was announced the train would be limited to Basel Badischer Bahnhof, which the train manager would translate as Basel German Station

Shortly outside Frankfurt though we were stopped. An obstacle blocked our route and we would be rerouted. That didn’t happen. After an extra 30 minutes we departed on the foreseen itinerary. 

Spontaneously, the train attendant distributed forms to reclaim (part of) the fair. It’s even provided with an envelope. 

Charles’ Rest

Passengers to the Swiss Confederation were asked to change at Karlsruhe, as the ICE 71 would be limited to Freiburg.

I only had to wait a few minutes for ICE 277 coming from Berlin East Station and going to Basel SBB (‘Basel Swiss Station’). 

From there I took a SBB RE 27 to Lucerne, to connect to Zug.

I arrived 1.30 hours late. Nothing dramatic. But I’d like to be able to follow my itinerary as planned next time. 

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