Two days in Lyon

Normally I was supposed to be travelling around France in the month of March, visiting Lyon and the Burgundy region. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic started and the trip was cancelled. As by the end of June the borders of Europe started to reopen and some travel opportunities started to be had my good friend Gillis and I decided to go for a weekend to Lyon to make up for our lost trip to France in March.

We explored the city of Lyon from our base in the Magnificent InterContinental Hotel Dieu. We first started by exploring the old part of the city, “vieux Lyon”. As we arrived by noon we first went for a lunch in one of the lovely restaurants located in the old town. Afterwards we continued exploring, we visited a few churches like the cathedral and the adjacent ruins.

We also strolled through some narrow, quaint cobble stone streets looking for the “tour rose” which was very well hidden in the courtyard of one of the famous city palaces.

After finishing up our tour of the old lyon, we continued on the presqu´íle, the almost-island in between Rhône and Saône rivers where the newer old part of Lyon is located. Here we passed by the Place Bellecour, the City Hall and finished up with a visit to the amphitheatre.

On the second day we started by climbing up the fourvière hill, providing us with a panoramic view over the city and a visit to the cathedral on top of the hill.

As it was Sunday we entered the cathedral when the mass was in full swing, luckily we could pass down to the crypt to explore a bit more of the building.

After our cathedral visit we passed by the Cimetière de Loyasse, a giant graveyard located on the hill with a number of monumental graves.


We continued downhill along the remains of the Roman theatre and Odeon located outside Lungdunum, the roman museum of Lyon.

The further trip downhill we made onboard one of Lyon´s many cable cars back towards vieux Lyon where we changed onto the automatic metro taking us back to the presqu´íle for our lunch break.

After the lunch break we visited the musée des beaux-arts, offering a collection of paintings, sculptures and other historical artefacts in a mice historical setting, worth the visit of a few hours.

After finishing up at the museum we took a metro and a distinctively styled Lyon Tram down to the Confluence. This is where the Rhône and Saône rivers come together and a beautiful modern style museum is built.

We finished our tour in the Parc de la tête d’or in the north of the city. It’s a huge park including a botanical garden, a zoo and a cyclist arena. It’s a nice place to spend a summers days in.

I had a really nice time in Lyon, and it is a perfect city to spend a long weekend break. Have you been to Lyon? what did you think of it? let us know in the comments below.

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