VIDEO | La Maison du Gruyère – Gruyère House in Gruyères, Fribourg, Switzerland


My sister is a champion at finding interesting excursions in Switzerland. In February, she took the family to Gruyères.

Yes, the city is the heart of the Gruyère district (without s) of the Fribourg canton. The place is the home of gruyère cheese.


We visited La Maison du Gruyère or Gruyère House.

Just across the railway station, La Maison du Gruyère not only produces gruyère AOP, but also has a restaurant, a shop and an exhibition about the production of this famous cheese. AOP, by the way, stands for appellation d’origine protégée or ‘protected origine naming’.


Without being revolutionary, the exhibition and the production process are quite interesting. The French voiceover sounds like HM Queen Mathilde of Belgium.

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