Britton Thomas Matthew Cotton blends photos of new and old Antwerp


After having lived in London and in Dubai, Britton Thomas Matthew Cotton (32) now lives in the Antwerp district of Borgerhout. On his Facebook page, he blends new and old cityscapes.

Cotton is an architect who lives at the corner of Schapenstraat (Sheep Street) and Helmstraat (Helmet Street). He lives in a house which was previously a chocolate factory.

Cotton blended several images of Borgerhout and Antwerp. Where the opera house of Opera Vlaanderen is today, there used to be a roofed market hall: the Marché couvert de l’Avenue des Arts. Avenue des Arts or Arts Avenue is the old name of Frankrijklei or France Boulevard.

More photos on Cotton’s Facebook page. He’s considering designing a walking tour. 

Source: Gazet van Antwerpen

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