CORONAVIRUS | Belgian Health Science Institute Sciensano wants you to fill in this survey, part III

The two previous COVID-19 health interview surveys could each count on more than 40,000 participants. Today Belgian Health Science Institute Sciensano launch our third survey, which focuses on your experiences, your health and your wellbeing during the deconfinement.

The survey.

Are you 18 or older and living in Belgium? Then please take part in our third online survey before the 5th of June. This will only take 15 minutes of your time and your participation really makes a difference.

The questionnaire is also available in Dutch, French and German.

In short

These surveys support scientists and policymakers to assess the impact of the coronavirus crisis. Sciensano regularly launches a new questionnaire to:

  • assess a number of specific topics (this time, for example, Sciensano is curious about how you experience the loosening of the confinement measures);
  • monitor the evolution of recurring topics, such as mental and social well-being.

“Thanks to your participation we can evaluate trends in time and study various public health topics.

Consult the preliminary results of the first COVID-19 health interview survey in Dutch or French and second COVID-19 health interview survey in Dutch or French.

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