Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece at the British Museum in London


As we had a morning to spend in London, Steve and I decided to head to the British Museum, being near the Crowne Plaza London Kings Cross and St Pancras International for the Eurostar.

The British Museum is perhaps best known for its classic collection: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Ancient Greece, Rome.

As Steve teaches Latin and classical Greek in secondary school (high school), we focused on the Greeks.


Obviously the British Museum is home to world famous artifacts such as the Rosetta Stone and the Parthenon Frieze, also known the Parthenon Marbles or Elgin Marbles


Bit the lesser known items are equally interesting. Just take a stroll into the galleries which catch your curiosity.

Guided tours

If you have time to spare, consider a Highlights Tour. It’s not free but offers an overview of… the highlights. I did such a tour with Danny a few years ago.

What is your experience with the British Museum. Would you recommend it or do you think it’s overrated?


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  1. RPL says:

    When were you here? I love the British Museum, the only thing is too many tourists…so i prefer the V&A. 😀

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    1. Timothy says:

      14 April. I’ve done V&A before and honestly I find it a bit messy…


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