Comparing Brussels Airlines’ economy, premium economy and business class products

Together, Danny and I have sampled Brussels Airlines‘ economy (me), premium economy (Danny) and business class (me) products. Let’s compare.

Firstly I should point out I flew on the recently updated Airbus A330-342 OO-SFD both economy and ‘Boutique Hotel‘ business class in June 2019. Danny flew in June 2017 on an Airbus A330-300 OO-SFM. Since then, Brussels Airlines has a new premium economy product.


My flight in June 2019 in economy was okay. It’s not an exceptional economy product, but it’s definitely suitable for long haul. The food is nice and there’s enough legroom. The seat itself is a bit hard on the bum after a while. After a few hours I don’t know on which half moon to sit.


But all in all it’s a decent product and you can fly several hours without feeling broken when landing.

In my recollection though, I had a better experience on Turkish Airlines in 2017, on Qantas in 2011 and on Etihad in 2014. But I wasn’t travel blogging then so I paid less attention to the product.

Premium economy

Reading Danny’s review of premium economy, this isn’t the amazing product you’d like it to be. Granted, the product has been updated.

You get extra legroom, some champagne and chocolate, but it’s still a ‘chair seat’, not a ‘bed seat’.


Business class

Sure, you can lay flat. You’ll sleep better. Food and service are obviously much nicer in business.


But is it worth the extra money, if it’s your own money? Honestly I doubt I will again pay for an upgrade on the route I took: New York to Brussels. That flight is too short to fully use the business class product’s potential.

From the seven-something hours flight you can only really sleep maybe four. So I’d say a ten-hour flight is the minimum to fully enjoy all the perks and comforts of business class.


Now Lufthansa has announced it will not merge Brussels Airlines with Eurowings, SN should opt to up its game. Danny was vey happy with Lufthansa’s economy product. Is it the way to go?

Or doesn’t Lufthansa want daughter brands to upstage her. It’s not unheard of. No-one is allowed to be faster than Ferrari at FIAT Group

But still, SN has potential to do better than average and it should.

So which class to choose? Your budget will be the main factor. But as SN doesn’t operate real long flights, I would personally choose economy. Unless I can use my Miles & More.

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