La Démence ‘Army Boys’ party of Friday 13 March to go ahead with maximum 1,000 people

In a new email La Démence communicated that the ‘Army Boys‘ party of this Friday 13 March is not cancelled. But with a limitation to 1,000 participants.

“Yesterday’s sudden government decision to forbid events of more than 1.000 visitors took us by surprise. But meanwhile, they have given us the possibility to hold our event, if we limit the number of participants to 1,000, same as other events are doing in Brussels.”

The measures are a caused by the COVID-19 (corona virus) outbreak.

“We are sorry for the confusion created in the last 24h, but as you know, things change very fast these days. If you have a presale ticket, it is still valid. If you don’t, then you should hurry up to buy a presale ticket, before the limited capacity sells out.”

“Due to the limited capacity, there will be no guest list for this event.”

COVID-19 information

“We remind you to respect the following rules, in your own and other’s interest.”

Do not attend the party

  • in case you are experiencing flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, breathing difficulties);
  • if you have recently visited a high-risk region (in particular China, Northern Italy, South Korea, Iran);
  • if you have recently been in contact with a COVID-19 infected person.

If you do attend the party

  • When you cough or sneeze, always do so inside your elbow (not your hand!), or in a tissue that you throw away.
  • Following every toilet visit, wash your hands with plenty of water and soap.
  • The primary mode of transmission is via respiratory droplets that people exhale, for example when coughing or sneezing. Therefore, when it comes to sexual acts, the virus is extremely easily transmitted by (tongue) kissing. Oral-genital and anogenital sex pose no threat regarding of COVID-19, as far as we know. However, we keep promoting safe sex with regard to other STD’s.


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  1. Volgens mij is het afgelast en gelden de tickets voor de andere party’s. Stond op Facebook


    1. Timothy says:

      Dinsdag rond 19u een mail dat het afgelast is. Woensdag rond 3u mail dat het toch doorgaat… 🤔


      1. Die zijn zo zot als een achterdeur!


        1. Timothy says:

          Ik zou ook bij de eerste beslissing zijn gebleven


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