CORONAVIRUS | Belgian Health Science Institute Sciensano wants you to fill in this survey, part II

“44,000 thanks to everyone who participated in the first COVID-19 health interview survey! Today we launched our second study, which focuses on our lifestyle and well-being during the current crisis. Once again we rely on a massive participation of the citizens”, writes Sciensano.

Are you 18 or older and living in Belgium? Then please take part in our second online survey before the 23rd of April. This will only take 15 minutes of your time and your participation really makes a difference.

English version
Version française  
Nederlandstalige versie
Deutsche Ausgabe 

The COVID-19 health interview surveys in short

The COVID-19 health interview surveys support our scientists and policy makers by assessing the consequences of the coronavirus crisis on our health. This is done by launching, on a regular basis, surveys on different topics that are important for public health. Each questionnaire contains a number of specific subjects. For example, the second COVID-19 health interview survey will assess the impact of the coronavirus crisis on our lifestyle (eating habits, physical exercise, alcohol consumption, …). Some aspects, such as mental and social well-being, will be covered in most questionnaires in order to study their evolution throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Curious about the first results of the previous COVID-19 health interview survey? Please click PDF icon here (FR-version) or PDF icon here (NL-version). 

Who intiated this study?

Sciensano researchers led by Dr. Karin De Ridder and Stefaan Demarest from the service Lifestyle and chronic diseases.

If you would like additional information or if you experience a technical problem, you can always contact Sciensano.

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