Concert hall Trix launches musical walking tour of Antwerp

As any other concert hall Trix in Antwerp had to close its doors due to coronavirus COVID-19. It launched a musical walking route to fill a cultural void.

If the audience can’t come and experience music and concerts, music and concerts can come to the audience. Thus Trix started a musical walking tour of Antwerp called ‘De Klik‘ or ‘The Click‘.

The tour takes you to twenty stops in Antwerp which today are closed, yes, but have a link with Trix. Music shops Warrecords or Tune Up, bars Cafee Cabron or Witzli Poetzli, café Me & My Monkey, Cinema Cartoon’s or the Bourla theatre.

In the shop windows of these businrsses, Trix displays 35 concert photos of Belgian artists: dEUS, Zwangere Guy, Arno, Het Zesde Metaal, Raketkanon, Glints, Ikraaan, Novastar and so on.

Each time there a QR code linking you ti the Spotify channels of the artists. The photos are also for sale in A3 format for 50 euros each.

The walk is some 4 km long.

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