Darklands 2021 postponed to April… or later

Darklands has announced postponing the 2021 edition to April 2021 or possibly even later. The exact date is not yet released and won’t be as long as there is no final “go’” That ‘go’ means approval from authorities after a vaccine or cure for COVID-19 is available.

“We’re receiving many questions about the 2021 dates, especially because people have a lot of cancelled flights over the past few months and wish to rebook those”, says Darklands master and Alphatribe editor Jeroen Van Lievenoogen.

“Unfortunately there is no certainty at which point festivals like ours can take place again. The venue was able to offer us their last available weekend in April but it is a possibility that even April will come too early. Multiple scenarios are on the table and we’ll adapt accordingly.”

Darklands 2020 took place one weekend before the Lockdown of 13 March 2020. Five attendees – we know of – had corona, Darklands informed its patrons.

This Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium in Antwerp thrives on being close to each other, both amicably and sexually. A Darklands with social distancing is pointless.

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