VIDEO | Alishan Forest Railway in Taiwan

Some three years ago, I visited Taiwan on my own. It turned out to be the trigger to for Danny and I to start this blog. A highpoint in my trip in December 2017 was going on the Alishan Forest Railway. It’s a scenic narrow gage mountain rail line from Chiayi to Alishan

First things first. Check the schedule. Due to works on the tracks, the train lis limited to Fenchihu, passed the halfway point of the line. No worries, the experience is still worth it.

Buy your ticket in advance. You can do this an any TRA station. TRA is the Taiwan Railways Administration. Make sure you’re in Chiayi on time so you don’t miss your train.


The journey to Fenchihu takes two hours and twenty minutes. So make sure your camera and smartphone are fully charged and your extra battery pack as well. You absolutely need an extra battery pack in Taiwan. You need a a local sim card, you need internet to use map apps and thus you need extra power during the day.

The train

Sometimes there’s a steam engine but I had a diesel locomotive. There are five coaches including a pilot car and one with multifunctional platform for people in wheelchairs. 

Th cars aren’t spectacular, but the views are. 


Anyway. The pictures and the videos speak for themselves. The views are stunning. You will be under, in and above he clouds. You’ll go through thirty tunnels and see tea plantation, bamboo and subtropical plants.

The Alishan line is a perfect lazy-ass way to explore Taiwan’s nature. What are you waiting for? 

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